I'm a PHP Web Developer based in Santiago de Chile, mostly specialized in Backend Software Architecture. Most of my experience han been developed by building many REST Apis in PHP using various frameworks, technologies and archiectural patterns.

Among the frameworks I love and use are Symfony, Zend Expressive, Slim and Hermes (this one is my own custom microframework). I also can use other frameworks like Codeigniter, Yii2 and Laravel, but my knowledge of them is not that deep because I'm not really a fan of their architecture and philosophy (mainly an issue with sharing global services and state through heavy use of static methods).

I'm passionate about writing well crafted code, using relevant design patterns and strong architectural styles. I consider myself a fan boy of all the DDD+CQRS+Event Sourcing hype.

I'm open for consulting work, either remotely or locally. I can help you evaluating the technical debt our your PHP application as well as guiding you towards refactoring it.



Senior Web Developer based in Santiago, CL

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